Making History One Voyage at at Time

About the Ship

The S.S. VIRGINIA V made her maiden voyage on June 11, 1922 as part of the Mosquito Fleet that connected coastal towns along South Puget Sound. The fleet transported crops and livestock from farms on Vashon Island and ferried people between growing port cities of Seattle and Tacoma. The VIRGINIA V herself maintained the route between Seattle and Tacoma from 1922 to 1938. Today, the S.S. VIRGINIA V is the last of the Mosquito Fleet. Her all-wood construction and steam engine make her a National Historic Landmark vessel.

About the Foundation

Founded in 1976, the mission of The Steamer Virginia V Foundation is to promote the Puget Sound's maritime heritage through the restoration, preservation, operation, and interpretation of the National Historic Landmark vessel S.S. VIRGINIA V.


Our Team

Foundation Staff

Debra Alderman  
Executive Director

Ed Brown
Senior Docent

Captain Dale Pederson  
Senior Captain

Margaret Saunders 
Program Manager

Joe Schmitt  
Director of Engineering

Caitlin Spence 
Communications and Membership Manager

Board of Trustees

Nina Marie Altman

Garret Holt
Vice President

David Allais

Douglas Weeks

Melvin Flavel

Larry Benson

Grant Johnson

Steve Holmes

Our Ship's Crew

Deck Positions


Steve Holmes
Dale Pederson
Erle Reinholdtsen
Erik Teevin

First Mates

Doug Bruisig
Scott Christianson
Herb Hunt

Deck Hands

Bunny Alex
John Beatty
Larry Benson
Ed Brown
Bob Campbell
Shelly Rae Clift
Cathleen Clinger
Christina Clinger
Elizabeth Denison
George Dick
Dan Dolson
Eva Erickson
Victor Eskenazi
Sam Garvin
Jules James
Kevin Leary
Catherine Lenox
Janine Mann
Roberta Maxon
Alan Mitchell
Mark Myking
Margaret Nordahl
Kathleen O'Callahan
Cllff Olmsted
Doug Owens
Dick Paulson
Chris Samp
Fred Turner
Judy Womack
Loren Womack

Engineering Positions

Chief Engineers

Ross Abbott
Connie Buhl
Alan Graves
Greg Sarantos

Designated Engineers

Nina Altman
Mairi Dulaney
Garrett Holt
Kyle Holt
Tom Olson
Jerry Ross
Joe Schmitt
Doug Weeks

Engineering Trainees

Matt Hunnewell
Bruce Kinnaman
David Mershon
Robert Neel
Dave Riffle

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