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"Fungus Fund"  challenge 2021: VIRGINIA V needs your help!

The ship is currently undergoing major restoration work at Pacific Fishermen Shipyard. The replacement of planks and frames affected by fungus-related rot is more extensive than anticipated and we need your help to bridge the gap between funds already raised and the anticipated cost of these repairs.

All hands on deck! 

The Foundation has has just been awarded a $200,000 National Maritime Heritage grant for help with the remaining work on VIRGINIA V.  While this is exciting news, the grant works  on a reimbursement basis. So we must pay the shipyard before we can draw funds from the grant.  This is where you, the ship’s loyal supporters, come in.

We need all-hands on deck to raise $200,000 between now and the end of November so we can obtain the federal grant funds. Every dollar contributed will both help the Foundation draw on the NMH grant and reduce the amount of new debt we must incur to pay the remaining balance owed to the shipyard.  Please consider a generous donation to help us ready VIRGINIA V for her second century.

While credit card donations via our website are welcome, we do pay a significant credit card processing fee.  For this reason we prefer donations by check sent to our mailing address: The Steamer Virginia V Foundation, PO Box 9566, Seattle WA 98109.  Thank you for your help!

Every donation preserves, maintains, and operates Seattle's only National Historic Landmark vessel.

The Virginia V is the last of her kind. She has endured a long history ferrying people around Puget Sound for generations. She represents the region's hard-working past and this city's intimate connection to the sea. Read more about the ship's history and the investment needed to maintain her seaworthiness. As she continues to sail the waters of the Puget Sound, she demonstrates her value as a living, working maritime history museum.

The Foundation is primarily a volunteer-driven organization. That includes most of the crew and other staff you meet on board the ship. Their dedication and hard work serve more than 8,000 people who walk the decks of the Virginia V every year.

We know we need to do more. And we need your help to do it.

By making your gift today...

  • We can raise the funds needed for required maintenance and repairs every two years.
  • We can run internship and education programs that keep Seattle's maritime history alive.
  • The Virginia V is guaranteed to keep steaming forward for many years to come.

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Every gift is tax-deductable to the extent provided by law. Our Tax ID is 91-0989160.

More Ways to Give

NEW! Support The Steamer Virginia V Foundation by donating your used vehicle. To get started with this simple process, please visit our donation page at

Wish list items:

Know a restaurant going out of business or upgrading their equipment?  One of our onboard refrigerators has died. Length: 48 1/4"; Width: 30 3/8"; Height: countertop height (appx. 36" with legs). Contact us if you can help connect us to a source for a donated or low cost replacement:

countertop commercial refrigerator

We are committed for the long haul to keep the Virginia V sailing strong. Demonstrate your dedication to maritime history through planned giving, or donations of property and securitiesPlease contact us at or (206) 624-9119 with your questions.

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