C. Keith Birkenfeld Teen Internship Program

We offer Seattle high school students the opportunity to apply for summer internships aboard the historic Steamer Virginia V.

The program runs for two months, from mid-June to mid-August, and introduces interns to the skills and tasks essential for operating the the wood-hulled steamship, which is a US Coast Guard inspected vessel and National Historic Landmark.

For more information, contact Heron Scott at heron@virginiav.org.

Over the course of the summer, interns would rotate through three focus areas:

  1. Engineering typically includes lining up pumps, performing oiling rounds, and engine maintenance.
  2. Deck typically includes handling lines, stewarding passengers, and navigating the ship during cruises.
  3. Maintenance typically includes varnishing, painting, and small woodworking projects.

Interns are required to fulfill four (4) shifts in each of the three (3) areas above, for a total of twelve (12) shifts between mid-June and mid-August.

Scheduling Details

Once students are selected for the internship, they will work with the Steamer Virginia V Foundation staff to set a summer schedule that fulfills the above requirements. Shifts range from 4-6 hours depending on the event and the excursion schedule. Interns will be supervised by the Focus Area Lead assigned to that shift. For example, while performing engineering duties, interns would report to the Chief Engineer, while working deck, the Captain.

Performance Objectives

Interns can expect to receive practical experience in all aspects of operating a steamship like the SS Virginia V, contributing to an understanding of maritime careers.


Students receive a hourly wage in exchange for their services.


  • Prospective interns must be enrolled in high school or recently graduated seniors.
  • Students planning on a career in the maritime industry will be given priority during selection.

Students who are wish to apply should contact Heron Scott at heron@virginiav.org.

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