Save the SS VIRGINIA V and promote the Puget Sound’s maritime heritage while raising your company’s visibility through the support of the Foundation’s 2018 events.

General Benefits

  • Name on sponsor/donor recognition wall.
  • Name or logo on website and in our print newsletter published 3 times a year
  • Name or logo on promotional emails and monthly newsletter
  • Name or logo on Open Ship & festival pop-up banner

Event Presenting Sponsors Benefits

  • Celebrated as “Presenting Sponsor” during Captain's announcements
  • Celebrated as “Presenting Sponsor” on pre and post event guest emails
  • 1 social media post per event celebrating company as “Presenting Sponsor” before event
  • Complimentary tickets to the event(s) sponsored

For more information:

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Mike Ritter to reserve your sponsorship today.

Sponsorship Options

$10,000—Premier Sponsor -  (1 available) - Company chooses 12 events to be “Event Presenting Sponsor” in 2018

$5,000– Patron Sponsor - (2 available) - Company chooses 5 events to be “Event Presenting Sponsor” in 2018

$2,500– Sustaining Sponsor - (5 available) - Company chooses 2 events to be “Event Presenting Sponsor” in 2018

$1,500– Supporting Sponsor - (10 available) - Company chooses 1 event to be “Event Presenting Sponsor” in 2018

Sponsorships, like any donation, are tax-deductible. Please note each sponsorship includes tickets to public events that has a varying fair market value. Our Tax ID is 91-0989160.

Examples of Exposure Benefits for Sponsors

Pre-event email branded with "Presenting Sponsor"

Emails are sent before and after every one of our public cruises to every ticket holder. in 2017, both emails had incredibly high open rates: 79.8% for the pre-event emails and 62.8% for the post event emails. All sponsors will be included in a "Sponsor image at the bottom of the email."

Sample Event pre-event email

Website & Event Landing Page

These pages are visited by members, volunteers, and the general public looking for more information about our specific cruises. Additionally, sponsors will be included on our scrolling bar at the bottom of our homepage.

Sample Event Landing Page

Bottom of Website Home Page

Print Newsletter 

We mail a paper newsletter to all of our member and volunteers 3 times a year. Each mailing goes out to 450+ individuals. 

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